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8 reasons why your company needs a mobile app

8 reasons why your company needs a mobile app

The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now
David Murphy, Founder of Mobile Marketing Daily

Everyone uses them: mobile applications are now an integral part of our daily lives. However, it is still challenging for a company to make the choice to develop, or have developed, a mobile application. Mobile technologies are evolving at a staggering rate, and their full potential is known only to experts and the most passionate. How do you know if a technology meets a need by not knowing its possibilities and limits?

In addition, developing a mobile application can represent a considerable investment, and the return on it is not easily measurable. However, there are several advantages for a business of having a mobile application and these are not reserved solely for large companies.

Advantages for your business

Here is a list of points that should convince you to develop a mobile application for your business.

Stand out from the competition

Very few small and even medium-sized businesses have a mobile app. Take the opportunity to be the first company in your field or region to offer this service to your customers: they will be very grateful to you and will tell everyone around them.

Make your brand accessible at any time

Create proximity with your client is a fundamental concept in marketing.

By using what is called “the cache”, your users can access all or part of your application even without being connected to the internet. Convenient when travelling.

In addition, many Smartphone users stay up late on their mobile devices or indeed use them in the morning when they wake up and are still in bed. With an app that they’re regularly seeing on their mobile, they will always be tempted to connect to it. It represents simplified access, which can increase your traffic and therefore your turnover.

Increase your visibility

Studies show that the average consumer spends almost 3 hours a day on their mobile device. Mobile is a powerful marketing channel that all businesses should use. futhermore, it is possible to quickly create stunt applications whose primary purpose is to generate a viral marketing effect. Young people love these applications and, thanks to sharing on social networks, the reach can be immense.

Increase your sales

Mobile apps help increase sales because they attract and retain customers. So, by using push notifications on promotions, discounts and bonuses, you can motivate customers to make purchases in your store. They can be sent in unlimited quantity to all customers, or to those who are within a certain radius, say, near your store, restaurant or point of service.

Reach a younger customer base

Young adults and teens are heavy users of mobile apps. When they want to become customers of a business, the fact that the latter does not have a mobile application can be an obstacle for them. Don’t let these customers slip through your fingers.

Improve user engagement and loyalty

Although a responsive website is a way to reach mobile users, it has been shown that mobile users spend more time using applications than on the web. Also, with all the popular advertising media (Facebook Ads, website, email campaign, flyers, web banners, etc.), the birth of new advertising channels is gradually reducing the impact of existing channels. Mobile is still a young channel and increases the loyalty of your users who are only a fingertip away!

A presence without intrusion

A smartphone application is consulted as soon as the user feels the need. They can choose to receive notifications, but it is not mandatory.
Thus, the mobile user does not even perceive this software as a marketing tool.

This method of communication and loyalty is not intrusive in the life of the customer, it only brings added value. User perception of your business is therefore positive.

At the same time, you strengthen your confidence in your business.

Improve your internal processes

All of the above benefits relate to applications aimed directly at a company’s customers. However, it is also possible to develop applications that will be used by the employees of your company. Using an internal mobile app that meets your needs can increase the efficiency of your employees and be of significant saving to you.

Advantages for your clients

Your Customers will appreciate the possibilities offered by an App:

  • Get Notifications of special events, launches, … etc.
  • Access your contact details with a single touch
  • Obtain directions to get to your location, wherever they are
  • Fast and transparent appointment booking
  • Be immediately informed of offers and news with many possibilities for customization
  • As well as this, mobile apps provide a User Experience that so-called responsive websites are unable to provide.

Social networks and mobile applications have become real benchmarks in terms of information and communication.

By developing a mobile application linked to your business, you show that you are trendy; that you can adapt to the lifestyle of your customers.

Indirectly, this affects the image of your business; you become a modern brand, capable of meeting the new needs of its consumers.