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Some interesting facts about a few well known brands & their logo

Major League Baseball The baseball player in the Major League Baseball logo was designed so that he can either be a right or left-handed batter? Tupperware Tupperware isn't the name of the hermetic box, it's the name of the company that distribute them. Yahoo! Nope, Yahoo! isn't an onomatopoeia, it is short...
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What information should go on my stationery?

Sole traders & partnerships: Your company name If your company name does not include your own name you must also show your own name (Trading as) Your address Your contact details (phone number, fax number & email address) Your VAT registration number - if you’re registered for VAT If you...
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How to write website copy

Writing website copy is not the same as writing copy for print. On the net, we tend to scan the content, looking for the information we are after rather than reading word for word. Why is this? Because we don’t have time, have other places (websites) to go to It...
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