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The Good Life, Surbiton


Website Development

The Good Life is a newspaper that has been distributed in Surbiton since 2012. We all love the Good Life! It is uplifting and about the community, which is special to Surbiton. We all love to know what is happening in our wonderful Surbiton.

Just to say both Timothy and I have been saying what a marvellous job you have done with the website – it looks absolutely brilliant and
you have managed to maintain The Good Life look and feel to it – which is an extraordinary thing to have achieved considering it is a digital platform.
Amazing! Thank you!
Jane Grove

The brief

The website needed a little refreshment, which we tend to do at a discounted price for our favourite customers. The Good Life was, at that time, only posting articles about their favourite Chelsea football team, but we suggested that it would be valuable for both the business and the community to post stories on other subjects as well. In fact, they could even have an online paper! We probably were excited more than they were at first, but we soon shared this excitement once they saw what we had in mind.

What we did and what it brings to The Good Life

    • We redesigned the website so it is consistent with the look and feel of the Newspaper, and just as uplifting as its articles
    • We worked on the layout and content, so its audience can easily find their very own interest on the site
    • We used WordPress as a Content Management System, so it is easy for Tim and Jane to update, and so they also keep the freedom to choose who will develop the website in the future
    • Surbiton community is now online, and its small businesses will soon eventually be able to advertise on it!