Alan Bayer Model


Alan is a French Model and Actor based in London. He has a fun and outgoing personality whilst being totally professional. Alan has worked with some well known and respected people.

Abricot run by Nathalie Jamois a truly professional person who knows what to do for making your web site look great and for sure easy to access.
Alan Bayer

The brief

Although happy with his current website, Alan thought that it needed to be updated. He felt that the website was not presenting him to his audience in the best light and asked us to help him achieve this.

Alan’s main target area is model agencies, based both in London, England and overseas.

How we improved Alan’s site

  • We refreshed the design to reflect Alan’s personality and appeal to his audience
  • We worked on the website content to emphasis on what matters to the audience, and to make sure they find what they need easily
  • Alan is now directly communicating to his audience
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