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The importance of first impressions in website design

First impressions in website design - halo effect
According to Canadian researchers, Internet users form the first impressions of a web page in less than 50 milliseconds (1 / 20th of a second). In the blink of an...
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Has my website been hacked?

Hacking a website
The chances are that sooner or later you will be the victim of a hacker. If so, the most important thing is to be able to detect it quickly so...
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8 good reasons to use Google My Business for local SEO

google my business for local seo
In this article: What is Google My Business? What are the advantages of using Google My Business? Create your Google My Business listing Become the owner of your Google My...
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WordPress – and maintenance

Website maintenance - MOT
Wordpress is renowned as being one of the very best CMS (Content Management System) and blogging platforms. With its inherent versatile construct and flexibility of use, it enables the user...
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Why is it important to maintain my WordPress website?

Without maintenance
Some people think that once you have created a website then that’s the job done. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Getting your site online is one thing, but keeping...
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What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites
Responsive design technology adapts the display of a website according to the type of device used and the size of its screen. Put simply, the same website has a layout...
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What is WordPress?

Wordpress on desktop
WordPress is website content management software. A content management software allows you to easily create and manage the content of your website via any browser. WordPress is, by far, the...
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How to write a Website Brief – in 10 steps

Writing a website brief
You have chosen a web design company to build your website. Great! The next step to take is to write a brief. Why is this? Well - a brief will...
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Using a website builder – a good idea?

Building a free professional website is now within your reach - thanks to the proliferation of online site builders. Their selling point? That the design of your website can be...
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How to choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name for your business can be as easy as it can be difficult. Your domain name is the first impression that a user will come across. It...
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The cost of a website

A website is an investment, not a cost
Nowadays, anyone can create a website, but how much does it really cost to design an effective website that will grow your business and make your customers happy? When you...
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Your website audience: The 3 types of buyers

Woman buying
Visitors (potential customers) with different types of goals will have different expectations when they get to a website. It is important to determine which of those behaviours is the most...
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Domain names & Website hosting – in plain English

Domain names A domain name is a replacement for what we call IP addresses. For instance, this website’s IP number is Because it isn’t easy to remember, it is...
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What information should go on my stationery?

Sole traders & partnerships: Your company name If your company name does not include your own name you must also show your own name (Trading as) Your address Your contact...
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Your website audience : Rationality vs emotions

website audience and emotions
Most people concentrate on logic when they try to sell. However, many studies have demonstrated that people don’t buy logically. They buy emotionally. In fact, every time a client buys...
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How to write website copy

Writing website copy is not the same as writing copy for print. On the net, we tend to scan the content, looking for the information we are after rather than...
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Why & How to Maintain Your WordPress Site

Wordpress is renowned as being one of the very best CMS (Content Management System) and blogging platforms. With its inherent versatile construct and flexibility of use, it enables the user...
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Understanding website statistics

Bringing (the right) traffic to your website is critical, but you need to be able to understand and analyse it. Remember, those numbers are people. People finding, travelling through, and...
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Inconsistency damages your brand

Building a brand is all about consistency and repetition In order to convey a strong, clear image and build a clear brand, it is very important that you stay consistent....
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