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The importance of first impressions in website design

First impressions in website design - halo effect
According to Canadian researchers, Internet users form the first impressions of a web page in less than 50 milliseconds (1 / 20th of a second). In the blink of an eye, users instantly judge a website based solely on its visual appeal. Researchers led by Dr. Gitte Lindgaard of Carleton...

Your website audience: The 3 types of buyers

Woman buying
Visitors (potential customers) with different types of goals will have different expectations when they get to a website. It is important to determine which of those behaviours is the most important for your site profitability and focus on it. Below are the 3 types of behaviours you need to be...

Your website audience : Rationality vs emotions

website audience and emotions
Most people concentrate on logic when they try to sell. However, many studies have demonstrated that people don’t buy logically. They buy emotionally. In fact, every time a client buys something, it is purely to satisfy pleasure or decrease suffering. People, (as human beings), are emotive creatures. Unless they want...

Understanding website statistics

Bringing (the right) traffic to your website is critical, but you need to be able to understand and analyse it. Remember, those numbers are people. People finding, travelling through, and leaving your website. Unfortunately, most website owners focus ONLY on the traffic TO the website. It’s all very good to...