Inconsistency damages your brand

Building a brand is all about consistency and repetition

In order to convey a strong, clear image and build a clear brand, it is very important that you stay consistent. That is, delivering the same look, image and promise across all your marketing materials, forms of communication and media channels etc.

Remember, the brand identity reflects your business values, personality, tone of voice and offering.


People gain confidence in a brand that conveys consistent marketing messages. Being someone one day and someone else the other will confuse your audience, and they will lose trust.

People trust what they know.

They trust a brand that conveys a consistent marketing message, and we all know that the perception they have of your business is very important!

People remember

Our brain registers, whether we like it or not. They remember, even slightly, what they see, hear or touch. They eventually will get familiar with your brand. Familiarity equals trust.

Think of any big brands and how consistent they are. Even if they slightly update their brand over the years, they still stay consistent. Do you normally even notice some of them amending their branding?

You don’t even have to look at a Coca Cola bottle / advert to know that it is Coca Cola. You will work out what it is from the corner of your eye. Why do you think that is?

The brand identity reflects your business values, personality, tone of voice and offering, and building a brand is all about consistency and repetition.

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