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How to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name for your business can be as easy as it can be difficult.

Your domain name is the first impression that a user will come across. It defines your brand, so choosing the right one is an important process. It is essential to avoid rushing to choose the first domain name that comes to mind.

Here are a few tips that should help you in your search

  • Makes sure it is consistent with your business name
    Users will often guess a domain name based on the name of your business. It, therefore, makes sense that it matches your business name.
  • Choose a memorable domain name that is also easy to type, spell and pronounce.
    Try to avoid using numbers or special characters, and keep it short.
  • Choose an appropriate domain name extension.
    It is a good idea to get hold of your country extension. For instance, if you are a UK-based business targeting UK customers, you should purchase a domain name ending .uk. Google UK will give more prominence to UK domains. The .com extension is the most popular to research (Source – Domain Name Stat). It is the most familiar and the easiest to remember. Users will tend to type .com by default. Ideally, get both and more. For instance, getting hold of the .com, .co.uk and .uk for your UK-based business name would make sense. Lastly, if the extension is unusual, they are unlikely to remember. Here, you can find a list of the main domain names extensions and what they are intended for.
  • Get hold of variations. 
    As well as a few different extensions, you should also purchase variations of the actual name, as well as the common misspellings of it.

If you are looking for a domain name for a personal blog/website, or a podcast, it may be best to use your own name.

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Useful websites

Domain name lookup website – You can check domain name availability and domain name owner’s details, providing they haven’t requested privacy.

Did you know?

Typing Illuminati backwards, followed by .com, takes you to the US governments National Security Agency Website.

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